Gemini moon and reclaiming the mind

Yesterday’s new moon — 8:11 a.m. EDT / 5:11 a.m. PDT — is in the sign of Gemini.

As an air sign, Gemini is concerned with all things intellectual. Symbolized by the twins, Gemini is associated with dualities and pairs of opposites. The Gemini moon is a time of sociability and curiosity but can also be marked by distracted superficiality and nervousness.

Any New Moon is a time for new beginnings. Productive magic — building toward an intended goal — is worked during the waxing moon, and this New Moon in Gemini offers an opportunity to let go of rigid thinking that may have us stuck in bad or stressful habits. This is when we can get out from under the influence and admonitions of others and come back to the heart of our own ideas.

This has me thinking about the media barrage of “green.” It used to be that environmental issues were considered part of the kooky or radical fringe of Western society, but now “eco-consciousness” is fashionable and looks to be establishing itself at the other extreme of the spectrum. I prefer this level of attention to having environmental concerns ignored, but I know a lot of people who are frankly quite confused by so much eco-friendly advice, climate change warnings and vague “green” labeling on products at the store.

Eventually, the hype will diminish and we’ll come to a more balanced understanding of what it means to live in harmony with our planet, and to truly do no harm to our home. In the meantime, however, maybe we each need to take a time-out from what everyone else is telling us to do, and to sit with our own thoughts and ideas instead.

In other words: What does living in balance with your planet look like to you? When you think of nature, what comes to mind? What makes sense to you — where you are, right now, in your life and your world — in terms of living a more conscious life?

With the onslaught of “green this!” and “eco-friendly that!” so prevalent on television, in newspapers and even on the sides of city buses, it can sometimes be difficult to see the trees for the forest. It’s not a bad idea every so often to take a break from the big picture and to focus in instead on our own ideas. What feels right to you may not be the next big green thing to revolutionize environmental protection worldwide, but if it makes a difference in your immediate space, that’s pretty huge, too.

For more information about the New Moon in Gemini, swing by the Astrology page.


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