Eco-kosher and ethical eating

There’s more to keeping kosher than simply avoiding bacon or not mixing meat with dairy products. There are laws about what kinds of animals can be consumed, and strict requirements on their slaughter. There are rules about the baking, freezing and other preparation of foods.

Some Jews — and non-Jews — keep kosher, others don’t. Some pick and choose the kosher laws that they will follow — based on convenience, practicality or simply what makes sense to them — and other people follow kashrut to the letter.

But now there’s a new twist on kosher that brings sustainability into the picture.

I’ve recently found this article in the Los Angeles Times about going “eco-kosher” and walking the talk when it comes to Judaism’s obligation to protect the earth.

Ethical eating isn’t restricted to Judaism. Buddhism and Hinduism espouse vegetarianism as an act of compassion. But this goes further than that. It’s about knowing where our food comes from. Do you know who grew that apple your kids had for a snack this afternoon? Have you met the dairy farmer who milked the cow to make the cheese on top of the pizza you had for dinner?


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