Intentional Weather

We had some unusual weather here in the metro Portland area this past weekend. Some friends of mine were holding a Beltane potluck party on Sunday, the day after a freak windstorm blew through town. This morning, I received an e-mail from the host:

There were a lot of people “praying” for good weather for the gathering.  If, “pray-tell” those prayers worked, the result of holding off the bad weather predicted, may have lead to the current weather extremes.  But even more interesting, what about the weird, violent, and untypical weather phenomena that occurred the day before?  This was a kind of Microburst, a type of tornado that does not twist—it is more like a (high-tidal) wave-front.  Such are extremely rare and even caught our weather bureaus off-guard.  We and 30,000 other nearby residents lost power, one person was killed and property damage was high.  Could this have been a result of the prayed-for weather modification PRIOR to the needed good weather and therefore outside the expected linear time progression?

I do believe that we are all part of the system in which we live and exist. Whether we like it or not, we absolutely impact the world around us, both intentionally and unintentionally.

Rather than using this space to debate the effectiveness of “weather magick,” I’d like to instead explore this idea of having an impact.

There is no action without reaction. I’ve often shied away from working magick, simply because I’ve been afraid of messing with karma, other people’s intentions, and so forth. I was raised not to interfere. Indeed, I’ve been so focused lately on reducing my environmental footprint — so as not to have any impact at all (or a very minimal one) — that I’ve lost sight of what being a part of the system is all about.

If I live my life being so careful not to have any kind of an impact, I’ll get my wish: I’ll have no impact on my world whatsoever. I will not leave my mark on the earth — for better or for worse — nor on society or the people I love. Is that the life I want?

As the story goes, I can spend a year lying in bed doing nothing, or I can spend that same year showing up every day for what I want and for what I want to create in this world. Either way, a year has passed. It’s up to me at the end of that year to decide whether or not I’ve spent my time wisely.

Every action we take, every breath — just the fact that we EXIST — is like throwing pebbles into the pond. We cannot know in those moments what kind of waves we might be creating farther out. But if we weren’t making waves, we wouldn’t be living.

Human beings have no choice but to have an impact on the environment in which we live. There’s just no way around that — taking ourselves out of the game entirely is simply not an option. But that impact doesn’t have to be a negative or destructive one. By becoming more conscious of our choices and actively crafting the intentions behind our actions, the impact that we have can be very positive.

We will stumble. We will make mistakes. That’s all part of nature’s imperfect perfection.

Sometimes what we want to create or change immediately in front of us can have far-reaching consequences — good or bad — that we could not have foreseen. Whether it’s in prayer, ritual or just day-to-day living, I like to include the phrase “for the highest good of all” and/or “this or something better” — so that the Universal forces at work (which have a broader view than I do) can make adjustments as needed.

What kind of intentional magick have you been working?


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